Drawing Leia

Teaching myself to draw over this past year has been highly rewarding. I had not picked up a pencil since I was kid, and in a million years I didn’t think I would enjoy it like I do. I like to be good at the things I undertake, not struggle with simple concepts and fall on my face! So I have learned…

One important thing to keep in mind is never compare yourself to anyone else. There are incredibly talented artists out there and they are an inspiration, but don’t look at their work and say “Oh, forget it, I will never be half as good as they are!” First off,  honest moment– you are probably right– but so what?? Secondly, each of us has a unique eye. We can all draw something. Draw for yourself and from the heart and it doesn’t matter if you aren’t making earth-shattering art. Thirdly, with patience, you get better. I feel like I am making progress over time but some of my drawings are better than others and some don’t quite say what I want them to say. That’s okay, too. I find the task of drawing relaxing, absorbing, and sometimes frustrating. I have thought about getting some instruction and learning some actual technique, but I am in no hurry. I am loving the process and spending time being engrossed in something that feels like a new world.


Drawing Leia challenges me because I love her so much and she is so recognizable. I really want to do her justice, and while her essence is so accessible to appreciate, it is hard to capture. I am still practicing drawing my favourite princess, but this is where I am now. And now is the time and place we all inhabit every moment of our lives, so we should try to enjoy now as much as we can.

All drawings drawn freehand on iPad Pro with Adobe Sketch except for the Star Wars Rebels version, which I drew in Procreate.


The most important thing is have fun, be good to yourself. If you enjoy the thing, do the thing. Don’t let fear of imperfection hold you back.

When in Doubt: Do the thing

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