Jewelry Crafting in Elder Scrolls Online

With the launch of the Summerset game update in June (late May for early access on PC/Mac) players will be able to craft jewelry ingame. Sadly, this won’t be cosmetic but it will add stats.  Jewelry crafting will work along the same lines as the current system for equipment crafting and we can certify in the trade to obtain daily crafting writs to help us level this trade. Many things in this system are new, however and I have included the entire guide for your reference.

Some quick notes:

  • While anyone can purchase and wear crafted jewelry, only players who purchase the Summerset game update will be able to craft. Players without the Summerset chapter can still farm and sell mats.
  • A ring and necklace will be given as rewards for finishing the two quest lines of Summerset.
  • While you will be able to deconstruct jewelry found in game, this will ONLY apply to jewelry that you acquire once Summerset launches, so there is no need to hoard in advance.
  • Materials will be located in different regions of Tamriel and some will be quite rare.
  • There will be a refining process, similar to equipment crafting now in game.
  • Six new traits are being added just for jewelry, and you can only research one at a time, which is different to the other trades, see the tab below for details.

Are you planning to crating jewelry in Tamriel? I know I can’t wait!

See the full guide on Elder Scrolls Online or click on tabs below to explore

ESO Jewelry Crafting

In order to make use of Jewelry Crafting, you must own ESO: Summerset. You are not able to use a Jewelry Crafting Station if you do not own the new Chapter. This includes Jewelry Crafting stations purchased from Master Writ Merchants and placed in player homes (including your own). If you don't own ESO: Summerset, you can still harvest the Jewelry Crafting resource nodes in the wild or acquire items with the new Jewelry Crafting Traits, but you can't make use of the resources you harvest to create or improve rings or necklaces. You can, however, still put those items and materials on guild stores or give them to your friends or guildmates to craft with.
With ESO: Summerset, you can find new Jewelry Crafting Stations located near the other Crafting Stations already found in Tamriel, such as those situated within the cities and crafted set locations. This means you can create necklaces and rings for all of the game's crafted sets, such as Julianos or Hunding's Rage. Note that like the other Crafting Skill Lines, crafting jewelry set items requires knowledge of a certain amount of Traits. For example, to craft a ring for the Hunding's Rage set, you must have six or more Traits researched for rings. At Jewelry Crafting Stations, you can: ~Create new jewelry, using your base and Trait materials. ~Refine Jewelry Crafting materials, allowing you to create refined base, Trait, and upgrade materials from their raw components. ~Deconstruct jewelry to acquire some of their component materials. Note: You can only deconstruct jewelry acquired after the release of ESO: Summerset. If you are unsure if an item can be deconstructed, check its tooltip. ~Upgrade jewelry to improve their power using upgrade materials. ~Research Jewelry Traits, allowing you to unlock the ability to craft items with specific Traits. You can purchase Jewelry Crafting Stations for your homes from Master Writ Merchants, but don't forget: if you don't have access to ESO: Summerset, you cannot use it.
To create your own jewelry, you must harvest unique Jewelry Crafting nodes called “Seams" and collect the unrefined material called “Dust." You can then refine this material into “Ounces" to use in your crafting. Seams appear in the same kinds of places that Blacksmithing nodes appear—in rocky outcroppings, cliff faces, and other stony areas—and they can be found all over the Tamriel. Dust gathered from Seams can be harvested by anyone, whether they own ESO: Summerset or not, but they can only be refined into Ounces at the Jewelry Crafting Station. Based on both your Engraver passive level and character level, you are able to harvest different types of Dust: Levels 1-25 Pewter Levels 26-50 Copper Champion Level 10-60 Silver Champion Level 70-140 Electrum Champion Level 150-160 Platinum
You can use Jewelry Crafting Traits to apply unique bonuses to your items. In addition to the traditional Arcane, Healthy, and Robust Traits, ESO: Summerset includes six new ones. Acquiring the ability and materials to craft items with these Traits is similar in some respects to traditional Crafting Skill Lines, but there are some key differences with regards to how you can acquire jewelry with these Traits and their materials. The new Jewelry Crafting Traits and their materials have to be sought from very specific sources that are thematically appropriate to them, much like the way the Nirnhoned Traits for Weapons and Armor are tied to Craglorn. You can find information on each Trait and how to acquire it and its component materials below. ARCANE Trait effect: Increases Max Magicka. Researchable Item: Necklaces and rings with the Arcane Trait drop randomly all over Tamriel. Trait Material: Cobalt. Acquired by refining Jewelry Crafting base materials. HEALTHY Trait effect: Increases Max Health. Researchable Item: Necklaces and rings with the Healthy Trait drop randomly all over Tamriel. Trait Material: Antimony. Acquired by refining Jewelry Crafting base materials. ROBUST Trait effect: Increases Max Stamina. Researchable Item: Necklaces and rings with the Robust Trait drop randomly all over Tamriel. Trait Material: Zinc. Acquired either by refining Jewelry Crafting base materials. PROTECTIVE Trait effect: Increases Physical and Spell Resistance Researchable Item: Necklaces and rings with the Protective Trait have a rare chance to be found within Undaunted chests. Trait Material: Titanium. Acquired as part of daily dungeon rewards in the raw form and, rarely, in refined form. In order to create Titanium, you must refine 10 pieces of the material in its raw form. TRIUNE Trait effect: Increases Health, Stamina, & Magicka Researchable Item: A researchable ring is awarded at the end of the Summerset main quest line and a researchable necklace is awarded at the end of the Psijic Order quest line. Trait Material: Dawn-Prism. Acquired from Jewelry Crafting Nodes throughout Tamriel with a higher chance to be found in Summerset. In order to create Dawn-Prism, you must refine 10 pieces of the material in its pulverized (raw) form. INFUSED Trait effect: Increases Enchantment Effectiveness Researchable Item: Necklaces and rings with the Infused Trait have a chance to drop from Psijic Portals, found all over Tamriel. Trait Material: Aurbic Amber. Acquired from Psijic Portals, with a rare chance for a refined form. Note that Psijic Portals only appear if you have the new Psijic Order Skill Line. In order to create Aurbic Amber, you must refine 10 pieces of the material in its pulverized (raw) form. SWIFT Trait effect: Increases Movement Speed Researchable Item: Necklaces and rings with the Swift Trait have a rare chance to be awarded when completing normal Jewelry Crating Writs. Trait Material: Gilding Wax. Purchased from Master Writ Merchants for Writ Vouchers. HARMONY Trait effect: Increases Synergy Effectiveness Researchable Item: Necklaces and rings with the Harmony Trait have a chance to be awarded as part of the regular rewards for completing weekly Trial quests. Note that reward boxes from Trial quests completed before the release of ESO: Summerset do not contain jewelry with the Harmony Trait. Trait Material: Dibellium. High chance to be acquired in refined form from weekly Trial quest rewards. BLOODTHIRSTY Trait effect: Increases Damage against low-health foes Researchable Item: Necklaces and rings with the Bloodthirsty Trait have a chance to be awarded when you complete the new Cyrodiil daily board quests (note, not the repeatable quests). Trait Material: Slaughterstone. Acquired in refined form from the War Researcher vendor in Cyrodiil for Alliance Points. In addition, as with weapons and armor, you can deconstruct jewelry with one of the new Traits to gain the material needed to craft a ring or necklace in that trait. When you deconstruct jewelry, you will only ever obtain a Pulverized form of its Trait material, which you must refine into a usable form.
In order to upgrade rings and necklaces, crafted or looted, you need to use a Jewelry Crafting Station and have the required materials. Fine (Green) Quality – Terne Superior (Blue) Quality – Iridium Epic (Purple) Quality – Zircon Legendary (Gold) Quality – Chromium You can acquire upgrade materials by refining Dust (the Jewelry Crafting base material) into Ounces. When refining Dust, you have a chance to acquire Grains of the different upgrade materials. You must refine 10 Grains in order to acquire a Bar, and you can use Bars to upgrade your necklaces and rings at a Jewelry Crafting Station. You can also acquire Grains by deconstructing jewelry of the same quality. t takes considerable effort to collect the resources required to upgrade your Jewelry Crafting Skill Lines, keeping high-quality jewelry a rare and valuable commodity.
Like traditional Crafting Skill Lines, there are a host of Jewelry Crafting Passive Abilities that you can unlock with Skill Points as you improve your Jewelry Crafting level. These new Passive Abilities are as follows: Engraver: Allows you to craft jewelry to a specific level range. Keen Eye: Jewelry: Highlights Seams in the world. Jewelry Extraction: Improves your chance to receive materials when deconstructing jewelry. Lapidary Research: Reduces the time it takes to research a new Jewelry Crafting Trait. Platings Expertise: Reduces the number of Bars you need to upgrade your jewelry. Each Passive Ability can be upgraded multiple times, increasing its effectiveness.
Can I deconstruct jewelry I have saved up before the release of ESO: Summerset? No. You are not able to deconstruct jewelry you have acquired prior to the release of ESO: Summerset. You can, however, upgrade existing jewelry and use it to research Traits. Jewelry that cannot be deconstructed will have a warning added to their tooltips. Can I Transmute jewelry I own? Yes! You can Transmute jewelry at a Transmute Station. Note that the item is permanently bound to you when it is Transmuted and that you can only Transmute your items to a Trait you have already researched. Do existing sets drop rings and necklaces with the new Traits? No. Existing sets do not drop rings and necklaces with the new Traits. If you want your rings and necklaces from existing sets to have the new Traits, they need to be retraited at a Transmutation Station. Items with the new jewelry Traits can only be sourced from specific in-game activities. How can I become certified to do Jewelry Crafting Writ quests? Speak to the High Elf, Felarian, to begin your Jewelry Crafting Certification quest. He can only be found just outside the crafting section of the city of Alinor, in Summerset. He will guide you through the process of becoming a certified Jewelry Crafter, allowing you to take Jewelry Crafting Writ quests from any Equipment Crafting Writ Board in the world. Are there Master Writs for Jewelry Crafting? Yes! Master Writs for Jewelry Crafting can occasionally be acquired by top-rank Jewelry Crafters by completing their daily Jewelry Crafting Writ quest. Much like Blacksmithing, Clothier, and Woodworking Master Writs, Jewelry Crafting Master Writs are tradeable until unsealed, allowing you to buy and sell them. When completed, they will give Master Writ Vouchers, used to purchase goods from Rolis Hlaalu, the Master Writ Mediator. Is crafted jewelry bound to my account when created? No. Crafted Jewelry, like crafted Weapons or Armor, are unbound. Crafted Set Jewelry, like crafted set Weapons or Armor, are “Bind on Equip." You can safely craft jewelry for a friend who does not own ESO: Summerset, and give (or sell) it to them. Can I find Intricate and Ornate jewelry? Yes! You can find Intricate and Ornate jewelry in the wild. Intricate jewelry conveys a bonus to Inspiration when deconstructed, and Ornate jewelry (as always) continues to be worth more to vendors. Can I see the jewelry I create on my character? No. As always, when you equip a piece of jewelry, either rings or a necklace, you are not to see it on your character. Can I research more than one jewelry Trait at once? No. This is because the Lapidary Research Passive Skill does not grant the ability to research more than one Trait simultaneously (it only reduces research time). You cannot research a Trait for a ring and a Trait for a necklace simultaneously. This is different to other Crafting Skill Lines where you can research up to three different Traits at once if you put Skill Points into relevant Passive Skills. Where can I acquire Jewelry Crafting Stations for my home? You can purchase both basic and attunable Jewelry Crafting Stations from Master Writ Merchants for Writ Vouchers. Are Adhazabi Aba-daro the Golden's wares changing due to the inclusion of Jewelry Crafting? Not at this time. We always keep an eye on player markets and how people make use of the Golden's wares, and we might adjust things in the future based on that data and feedback. For now, though, we are not changing what she carries or how she decides what she sells on any given weekend. Are we still able to acquire gold-quality jewelry in game without crafting it? Yes. At present, we are not changing the existing sources of gold-quality jewelry in any way. We are always monitoring feedback and player behavior in regards to these sources, of course, and we may act on that data at a later date. Am I able to tell what Jewelry can or cannot be deconstructed? Yes. With ESO: Summerset, there is a notice on the tooltip of the item, indicating it as non-deconstructable. Again, only rings and necklaces obtained before Summerset launches are non-deconstructable – any Jewelry obtained after Summerset launches, no matter its source, can be deconstructed. Are there Jewelry Crafting Survey Reports? Yes. Occasionally, when completing a daily Jewelry Crafting Writ quest, you will obtain a Jewelry Crafting Survey Report. Unlike previous Survey Reports, these Reports are written, rather than drawn–but they still lead to a large cache of Rich Seams, chock-full of raw Dust.

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