My Tomb Raiding Adventures

I am a casual gamer– well, passionately casual. I love the games I play and I tend to get over-excited by them but I am not elite or even particularly skilled. I mostly play MMOs, and I have dabbled in RPGs. I never played any action adventure style games before, unless we count Atari Pitfall. Wait, we should definitely count Pitfall cause that game was BA in 1982. But since I am almost always behind the times, I only just recently discovered Tomb Raider.

I started off with Rise of the Tomb Raider (2015) because my friend Alise streamed it and it looked like fun. I realised pretty quickly that it was going to be a LOT of fun and I should probably go back to the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot game and start there in case there were story spoilers in the newer game. So I put Rise on hold and started Tomb Raider. Well, I enjoyed the 2013 game so much that I decided to dedicate one of my Comic-Con costumes this year to the character of Lara Croft. I made her signature necklace myself, as well as her makeshift bow, her quiver and her arrows. I painted and weathered the climbing axe (ordered from Etsy), and learned to apply realistic wounds to my face and body. I admit it is intimidating as a woman of a certain age and size to take on such an iconic beauty as Lara but really, it is one of the funnest cosplays I have done, so #NoRegrets!

A snapshot at Comic-Con plus a little Photoshop magic on my iPad made me feel like a real live action hero!

Lara Croft is a Great Character

Far from the gratuitously busty sex symbol I was expecting, Lara turned out to be a strong, determined heroine who keeps adapting, growing, and keeping promises throughout some harrowing adventures. She gets thrown into some crazy situations that change her as a person. I really respect the character and her strong sense of morals, loyalty, and never-say-die attitude. The game has some tense and truly frightening moments, some heartbreak, and a lot of violence (like a lot more than I am used to in my usual selection of games; click here to see one of my many wildlife-related deaths, if you dare.) I found the story, the Indiana Jones style adventuring, the puzzles, and the fight mechanics really satisfying.

Here is a 1-minute video I made that captures some of what makes this game such a swashbuckling good time, there are LOTS of moments like these.

Next, I plan to do a full play through of Rise which should keep me busy until the next Lara Croft game, Shadow of the Tomb Raider releases September 14. I had a chance to play a 30 minute demo of Shadow at the Tomb Raider Experience in San Diego and I enjoyed some of the new features a lot. From what I hear, gameplay will be more challenging with the new game, so hopefully I will sufficiently hone my skills by then!


Alise and me at the Tomb Raider Experience at SDCC


Thanks for stopping by to read this post. Here are some screenshots from my playthough, if you care to take a peek before you go.

Tomb Raider Gameplay



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